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At our schools, we focus on both educational outcomes and social and emotional wellbeing so students can flourish.

Children and young people in our schools and programs have often experienced adversity and/or trauma that has undermined their sense of self, their belief in respectful relationships and a future that is hope-filled. MacKillop’s RELATE Model - Reframing Learning and Teaching Environments - promotes wellbeing for learning. This model insists that learning communities must be places of sanctuary where all feel safe and valued and where social and emotional learning is integrated across the curriculum.

At MacKillop Education we believe that wellbeing is:

  • a precondition for learning
  • supported by celebrating and protecting the dignity of each person
  • nourished in community, through the actions, interactions and attitudes of others
  • nurtured through authentic partnerships, committed to building social capital and common purpose

MacKillop is committed to a multi-disciplinary approach, ensuring that the individual needs of the children and young people are supported by a team of professionals working collaboratively. This ensures we can:

  • identify and nurture students’ individual strengths and needs
  • develop collaborative and informed strategies to support students in the school
  • provide targeted social-emotional learning interventions to create safety and increased opportunities for student learning
  • regularly model and coach the use of Safety Plan strategies, to develop increased emotional awareness and regulation.

At MacKillop Education, we believe that education plays a key role in helping students develop an understanding of gender equality, and healthy, respectful relationships. In the context of the devastating effects of family violence, MacKillop Education is dedicated to implementing Respectful Relationships at all levels of our education programs to build resilience and confidence, promote equality, change attitudes to prevent violence, and support the development of safe and healthy relationships for life.

To support student learning, growth and flourishing, MacKillop actively teaches and promotes Positive Education through the curriculum and in our daily interactions with students. It draws on the science of wellbeing, to understand more fully what enriches human life, and to impart these insights using best practice in education.

Our focus on wellbeing

What we Offer

We are proud to offer a safe and supportive school environment that recognises the learning needs of all our students.

Our Community

We are committed to working in partnership to enhance the learning outcomes of every student. These partnerships are a vital part of our community.

MacKillop Education & Engagement Programs

Our education and engagement programs cater for those who find it difficult to learn in a mainstream school setting.

ReLATE Model

The whole-of-school ReLATE model supports MacKillop Education to reframe best practice in learning, teaching and wellbeing.