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Our Education Team

Our exceptional staff are driven by an unwavering passion to educate and empower our students and support their families.

MacKillop Education Principals

Executive Principal:
Anne Henderson
Deputy Executive Principal:
Justin Roberts
Campus Principal Geelong
: Skye Staude and Perri Broadbent-Hogan
Campus Principal Maidstone
: Cailtin Burman
Campus Principal Caulfield
: Angela Alibrando

School Staff: Geelong

Co-Principal’s: Skye Staude and Perri Broadbent-Hogan
Deputy Principal: Yvonne Lindros
Office Manager: Judy Hickey
Education & Wellbeing Coordinator: Sallie Burke
Primary Teacher: Rachael Watts
Primary Teacher: Dan Blacksell
Primary Teacher: Daniela Borys
Primary Teacher (1-1): Bianca Quinn
Senior Teacher: Emily Matthews
Senior Teacher: Beth Spriggs
Senior Teacher: Samantha Walkerden
Senior VPC Coordinator: Samantha Walkerden
Secondary Teacher: Jayne Krizek
In2Schools Teacher/Wellbeing Education Leader: Madeleine Bennetts
Secondary Teacher: Beth Mammos
XTend Teacher/Learning & Teaching Leader: Kerrin Whiting
Education Support Staff (Primary): Lisa Potkonen
Education Support Staff (Primary): Sharyn Sadler
Education Support Staff (Primary): Kelly Kors
Education Support Staff (In2Schools): Mel Nayda
Education Support Staff (In2Schools): Julie Luscombe
Education Support Staff (Xtend): Andy Basterfield
Education Support Staff (Secondary) and Education Support Leader: Kim
Education Support Staff (Senior): Jess Scholes-Robertson
Education Support Staff (Senior): Sam Tapper
Education Support Staff (Senior): Chloe Ramsay
VET Trainer: Glenn O’Shannessy
CIRC Teacher: Steven Clark

School Staff: Maidstone

Principal: Caitlin Burman
Office Manager: Mandy Tognella
ICT Leader Education Support:
Sam Fedke
Education & Wellbeing Coordinator: Tammy Byrne
Education & Developmental Psychologist: Caitlin Docherty
Speech Pathologist: Sophie Keating
Learning & Teaching Leader: Frankie Pickles
Transitions & Engagement Leader: Seamus Murphy
Primary Teacher: Paul Adams
Primary Teacher: Iain Barter
Primary Teacher: Sarah Harwood
Primary Teacher: Frankie Pickles
Primary Teacher: Seamus Murphy
Primary Teacher: Mark Singleton
Education Support Staff: Luke Camilleri
Education Support Staff: Abby Hart
Education Support Staff: Kayla Martinez
Education Support Staff: Nils Moojen

School Staff: Caulfield

: Angela Alibrando
Office Manager: Aileen Keane
Education & Wellbeing Coordinator: Jessi Belli
Speech Pathologist: Sarah Gedye
Psychologist: Laura Aksu
Child Safety, Quality and Compliance Coordinator: Lisa Del Din
Primary Teacher: Margaret Mutimer
Primary Teacher: Ellee Polman- Short
Primary Teacher: Nicole McGowan
Secondary Teacher: Xavier Bacash
Secondary Teacher: Alexandra Kajewski
Secondary Teacher
: Megan Davies
Senior Teacher: Claire Ryan
Education Support Staff: Christopher Anderson
Education Support Staff: Jenny Mckeown
Education Support Staff: Gavin Upton
Education Support Staff: Tim Ware
Education Support Staff: Annie Cox

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