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ReLATE Model

The whole-of-school ReLATE model supports MacKillop Education to reframe best practice in learning, teaching and wellbeing.

ReLATE: Reframing Learning and Teaching Environments, was developed in Australia by MacKillop Family Services, drawing on the practice model implemented in our schools and delivered by The MacKillop Institute.

ReLATE provides a whole-of-school approach that focuses on safety, wellbeing and resilience, so that the learning outcomes for every child are enhanced. The model allows us to effectively support students and families who have experienced adversity and/or trauma; and staff, who are responding to the complex and diverse needs of our children and young people every day in our schools.

At its core, ReLATE promotes transformative relationships, not only for students, but also for school leaders, teachers and other staff working with children, young people and families.

The ReLATE model is a commitment, by our school community, to sustainable and positive cultural change. 

The model promotes wellbeing as an essential precondition for learning. Safe, predictable and supportive learning environments are created and maintained in our classrooms, where students are not just known, but deeply understood. School leaders and staff are supported both in their professional learning and development journey and in their commitment to self-care and wellbeing.

Read more about the ReLATE model here.