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Our Community

We are committed to working in partnership to enhance the learning outcomes of every student. These partnerships are a vital part of our community.

Our school community is a place of welcome, where each person is valued, where gifts and strengths are celebrated and shared for the benefit of all and where individuals are supported to achieve their potential as a person and as a learner.

We recognise that parents and guardians are the most important teachers in their child's education; by drawing on their wisdom and knowledge, we can deepen our understanding of the unique strengths and learning needs of each student and support them to grow and flourish.

Due to the learning diversity of our students, we are also committed to working collaboratively with other professionals, who are key supports for the child.

The host school, paediatricians, psychologists, allied health professionals and case-coordinators (NDIS, DFFH) play a critical role in the learning journey of our students. Our knowledge of the child is enhanced through this multi-disciplinary team approach, where skills and expertise are shared.

As part of the broader education community, MacKillop Education welcomes the opportunity to both learn from others and share our resources and learning with others. Partnerships for learning strengthen our commitment to continuous improvement and enrich the possibilities and pathways for our students.

Read our MacKillop Education Annual Report
Read our MacKillop Family Services Annual Report

Connecting with our Community

Professional Development for Schools

Our Reframing Learning and Teaching Environments model supports schools or systems to create the preconditions for improved teaching, learning and wellbeing.

MacKillop Education Resources

Visit this page for resources from our Wellbeing Team to support parents/guardians students and staff in schools.

MacKillop Education & Engagement Programs

Our education and engagement programs cater for those who find it difficult to learn in a mainstream school setting.

The MacKillop Institute

The MacKillop Institute provides a suite of evidence-informed programs to support those who have experienced change, grief, loss and trauma.